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Why Community Matters with Photography Education

You’ve got a camera and a desire to take better photographs. You want to take photos like you see on Instagram or some of your favorite blogs. You thought the camera would be the difference, didn’t you? A better camera takes better pictures, doesn’t it?

I get it!

I was there for many years while I struggled to take the photographs I wanted to take.

While a camera does make a difference (especially what lens you are using), the true differentiator in making better photographs is YOU.

Yet there are millions of photography videos on YouTube shouting for your attention. They all claim to have the answer, don’t they? But before you know it you’ve watched these videos for an hour (or more, as I have) and you end up even more confused and frustrated.

And what about Facebook? I’ve almost given up on the place too. It’s full of ads, of people shouting political opinions, and a massive amount of distraction designed to keep you clicking on Facebook without getting real answers. Facebook is bad enough without talking about the know-it-alls who tell others they are wrong, or the critical commentators who seem to do nothing but throw out their judgements as if they know everything.

It’s chaos out there, and you just want to take better photographs!

That’s where community comes in.

It’s how I was able to learn photography 18 years ago WHILE I was teaching it!

That’s right – when I was hired for a job teaching high school photography, I had no clue what I was doing. I was confused about shutter, aperture, iso, what lenses did, and pretty much everything else.

So I built a community in my classroom. We made mistakes together. We celebrated each other’s successes.

It was beautiful, and we both learned photography in powerful ways much quicker than just listening to someone talk, or reading books, or watching videos.

COMMUNITY is the missing component, and I’ve built that with my collaborative online site, Cameras and Coffee Cups.

At Cameras and Coffee Cups, you’ll find:

  • A safe place to share your work and get the feedback you’re asking for (not unsolicited criticism like you have found other places)
  • People who understand what you’re frustrations are, have dealt with them, and have answers for you
  • Free resources, tutorials, videos and more exclusive content for members
  • Positivity is built into the entire thing! That’s why my classroom moved forward and everyone learned so quickly: positive thinking and allowing for a space to make errors (so that we can learn from them together)

How do you get in on this incredible resource?

Just click below, sign up, participate, and watch yourself grow as a photographer faster than you thought you ever could.