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The Storm

I’m feeling it.

The weight of success.

The looming specter of failure.

It’s almost been two full years since I quit my job without a plan, and I’ve somehow made it.

But it’s not enough.

It never is, is it?

Humanity is conditioned to look at the horizon and fear the storm instead of marveling at its beauty.

That’s me, on a hill looking into the distance, scared out of my mind even without a storm.

Lately the fear has paralyzed me… but at least I’m recognizing it, right?

I’m facing it. I’m admitting it. I’m telling the world.

The audacity of humanity also allows us to give a middle finger to the looming, possible disaster.

So: Fuck you, failure. Fuck you in particular.

Lately my photography has been rejuvenated by imperfection. While 2022 was an incredible year for my art, having sold more than $10,000 worth of art prints, it’s also the year I plateaued creatively. I began to get pretty freaking good at taking nice photos of plants, of old houses, of dirt roads… all easy to get with any camera on the planet so I could post them and get a few likes and subscribers.

So I’m going to be taking more chances. Loving the imperfections. Embracing the chaos.

If you want to go along for the ride with me… let’s go.

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  1. Terry Olsen

    Great post, Jerred! They say that attitude is everything and you certainly have the right attitude. Speaking for myself, I think you’re very creative. You’re always trying to find a new way to look at something that you’ve already seen a hundred times. I’ve read that you should shoot what you love, what you have a passion for, and you certainly do that. Even though I love photography, I’ve never tried to earn a living from it so, even though I can feel your fear and trepidation, I’ve never experienced it personally. I wish you the best of success in the coming year and I hope that 2023 will be the best year for you personally and professionally. Thanks for taking some of us along on your journey.


      Terry – your support, from the very beginning means the world to me. You are one of the people who inspire me, so thank YOU for finding so much beauty in the world, a constant reminder to me and others that there is so much to see.

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