This old church is close to my heart. She’s an example of the beauty that one can find even in your own “back yard.”

This place is a well-known and photographed place in Nebraska and we are all watching and waiting, kind of like a slow-motion car wreck, for her to fall down. We don’t want it to happen, but it’s inevitable.

At least we have our photographs, and the X100 series of cameras from Fuji helps me tell the story of this place. Being so small, the camera can go anywhere with me with minimal effort, and the 35mm focal length is my favorite for documenting the landscape. So when I woke up the other day, I grabbed the X100v quickly and got in the car to take the 45-minute or so journey to this location.

The X100v is just so easy to use. So fun to work with. And the photos? Outstanding.

On this day the sky was with me – it was full of rich texture, of quickly changing clouds, and the light was beautiful, so I found some interesting compositions and played around with light and editing.