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The Fujifilm X-H2s – Do You REALLY Need It?

The question I have to ask YOU is this: for the type of photography you do, do you NEED the new X-H2s?

Only YOU can answer this ultimately, but I thought a lot about this after a recent portrait shoot where I did a family session with my wife and son. We all used different cameras, but we got some amazing results. After that photoshoot, I was thinking to myself: do I really need the X-H2s?

Because, being a gearhead, the camera looks AMAZING.

It has a fancy new sensor (Show)

It has a whole slew of video features.

It’s got 40 FPS.

AND – it looks like Fuji has finally upped their game in the autofocus department, which was my absolute biggest complaint. This new camera can track trains. TRAINS! Which… I didn’t know were so hard to track that they needed a separate mode, but hey – maybe Fuji’s just showing off here.

But I want to show you the results of the photoshoot that we just did.

I brought with me the GFX 50sii and GFX 100. My son took the X100v, and my wife was rocking the X-E4. It was a fully Fujifilm family photoshoot!

Well, after editing the photos, I wanted to make this video and ask YOU: can you tell the difference in the images?

I pulled out two images from each camera to show you, displayed randomly.

So… let’s take a look:

So, what do you think? If we had the X-H2s would our images be better?

Here is something to remember: a new camera doesn’t make your images better. A new camera might give you new options. You can push the ISO a little more, for instance, or be more able to follow a toddler around if it was running through a field.

For instance, some of you probably think I’m nuts shooting a family session with the GFX100 where we have kids moving around. And you’d be right, most of the time (although his shoot was pretty easy!).

BUT – it’s a really powerful tool.

So – will the X-H2s open up options for you? If you’re a birder or wildlife photographer, or a sports photographer shooting really fast stuff, it looks like this camera will do more for you. If you want the video options, it looks like this thing is really strong.

But for the majority of us out there, is the X-H2s going to help YOU with your specific style of photography?

IF the X-H2s can deliver on all its promises, it sounds like a great camera, and I can see Fuji photographers having a lot to gain. BUT – will the X-H2s hold up once it’s ACTUALLY out? Will the autofocus promises hold true with some of your older lenses, or will you be disappointed in the results unless you also buy all new glass? Time will tell, right?

So – this is just a reminder that new product announcement are SUPPOSED to work us up into a frenzy. They are designed to get us to come up with reasons why we NEED the new 2500 camera, and if you’ve got the money, why not? it’s fun to play with new toys!

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