You are currently viewing Selling Your Photography Online – A Getting Started Guide for Etsy In 2022

Selling Your Photography Online – A Getting Started Guide for Etsy In 2022

Sell Your Photo Prints on Etsy: Make Money With Your Photos With Just Minutes Per Month!

This video is NOT a quick, make-it-rich video where someone tries to sell you on the dream of having a six-figure Etsy business.


Instead, I want to tell you how you can EASILY and ACTUALLY make enough side money selling prints on Etsy so you can pay for gas, food on a photo trip, or maybe even some new gear every once in a while.

Now, a few caveats to this before we get down and dirty on how you are going to do this too.

1 – The initial set-up time is more than 10-20 minutes. It’s going to take a few hours here and there, as many as you can spare, over the course of a month or two to really get your shop up and running.

2 – It’s going to take some time. You don’t generally set up a shop in Etsy and people magically start buying your stuff. It could work if you’re driving your own traffic there, but it takes a while for Etsy to get to know you before it can start to serve your art to people who are out there looking to buy.

3 – Your stuff needs to be good. I truly believe there is an audience for anyone, but still… the quality of your work needs to be good enough for your target audience. Now… notice I said target audience. Your work doesn’t need to be good enough to impress a New York art gallery who wants to spend thousands to promote an art show with your work – no. Instead, you need to have work that’s good enough for someone who is sitting at a computer and shopping for something specific. If it is, there’s a decent chance they’ll buy. If your work, compared to others they are looking at, isn’t as good? Why wouldn’t they buy the other ones, all other things being equal? At the very least, having a unique style will help.

For the rest of the advice (and more), check out the video:

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