Photographing Through Loss

I found out my uncle died while on my trip to San Francisco while out on a trip to San Francisco.

He was important to me when I was young even though our relationship faded as I got older. When I heard the news I took a moment to breathe, grabbed my camera, and took a walk.

For hours I walked and thought of my uncle and his life, pained by the choices he made and the distance created between us. He is the reason I love Star Wars, the 49ers, science fiction, movies, and so much more. I never thought that he and I would be close again, but his passing still hurt.

Yet the more photos I took on the streets of San Francisco, the more my thoughts turned to the future and the life I want to lead: one of joy, of creativity, and of possibility.

I don't love the photos I took in San Francisco because they are great - I love them because the process of taking them helped me heal and made me excited for the life I have left to live.

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