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15 Lightroom Presets

I LOVE editing, and you can too! These presets are all "film-inspired" and have looks that I love to use creatively with landscapes, portraits and more. A how-to-use them guide is included!

5 Awesome Skies

Sometimes you go out and... the sky isn't great. Good thing for the "Sky Replacement" tool in Photoshop. These skies are to be added to the library of available skies, and I've included a video tutorial to show you how to do it all.

5 Useful Textures

Blending textures into photographs is a fun and creative way to edit. Not only do you get five textures here that are exclusive, you'll also find a tutorial video that shows you a few ways to use them. These are so much fun!

"There aren't enough words to write to describe his genuine nature and wholehearted interest in being a part of your personal success. They say it isn't work if you love what you do, and there's no better way to describe what "Z" does when he is teaching; it's not work but a gift and a passion."
Catie Williams
Former Student

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Articles covering tutorials, reviews,locations, art, philosophy and more.

"Over the past two years, Jerred has played a key role in me successfully transitioning my photography from hobby to business."
Sara Atkins

“(Jerred) is always up for helping whenever I have a question or am stumped on an edit. I have not yet had anything come up that he couldn't help me with."
Megan Bourrette

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