It’s been 10 years of Fujifilm cameras, and Fuji has just stated that it’s going to release the newest camera in the X-mount system in May. I wanted to make this video to tell you about why I chose Fujifilm, and why, after a year of working at a camera store and using the latest and best out of all the camera manufacturers, I’m still with Fuji.

First: a question! Why are YOU with fuji – or, if you’re not, what do you find intriguing about the Fuji system?

So, why am I with Fuji?

Let’s start 10 years ago, when the first X-camera was released, the legendary X-Pro1.

At the time I was with Canon, and I honestly didn’t even imagine switching brands. I had shot with Canon my entire photography career, back from when I first picked up the Elan 7 film camera to start learning photography way back in the day.

I saw the X-Pro 1 in magazines and thought it looked really cool. I had a friend who bought one, and I thought it was even cooler in real life.

But I had tens of thousands of dollars invested in Canon. I had 1-series cameras and a whole bunch of L lenses, all because my wife and I were shooting weddings and portraits all the time and at the time I thought I needed the biggest, best camera I could get my hands on.

And honestly, although I thought the camera looked great, I viewed the X-Pro as a gimmick. It was cool, but it seemed slow and just wasn’t on my radar, at least not seriously.

When the X-T1 camera was released, I took a second look at Fuji. At that time I had read some good reviews of it, and had a close friend that was quickly becoming a believer in the system. I was starting to think about another system and wanted something smaller and lighter than the stuff I was lugging around with Canon.

So… I picked up an X-T1, and that started it all. I didn’t end up getting rid of my canon stuff for years because I was still using Canon for weddings, but when the X-T3 came out, and I started shooting some stuff with the 50-140, I realized I could get consistent, reliable autofocus with amazing image quality in a smaller overall system… and that was it. I sold everything I had and was all-in with Fuji.

I said at the beginning that I tried almost every high-end camera from the big players this year when I worked at the camera store. That includes the Canon R5 and R6, the Nikon Z6II and Z7II, the Sony A1, A7IV R, and more. These are all seriously impressive, amazing machines. I had a LOT of fun with them and came away seriously impressed with aspects of many of them. There WERE times when I was like: wow… should I switch?

But… then I’d come home and I’d keep coming back to my Fuji cameras. If anything, using all those other cameras made me love my Fuji stuff even more.

Fuji has something special with the X-Mount, and I’m excited to see where Fuji goes with this new camera in May.

Will I buy it?

I doubt I will – not right away. I’m really happy with my Fuji gear right now, and it does EVERYTHING I ask of it for the types of photography that I want to do.

Check this out – this is a shot from the X-T4 camera that can stretch to the size of a wall. That’s pretty amazing.

And I can shoot portraits and weddings in any condition I can image with Fuji and get fantastic, reliable results.

So… we’ll see. If Fuji drastically improves their autofocus, then I might be tempted, and if they can increase the megapixels quite a bit without increasing noise, again – I might be tempted.

We’ll see. The only thing I know is that it’s a great time to be a photographer, and no matter what system you have, I hope you can find joy and fun in creating images. In 2022 we are insanely lucky to have these image-making machines, each one capable of things I couldn’t imagine when I was first starting out in photography.