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I Went to Atlanta… Here are Some Things I Saw Through My Nikon Z8

My man Kurt Johnson and I recently took a quick road trip to Atlanta. This was my first real trip with the Nikon Z8, the camera I bought after having the Nikon Zf for a few months.

Initial reactions of the Z8 are very, very positive. Nikon’s ergonomics are amazing, and this camera’s feel is no different. It seems to stick in the hand with a grip that feels unlike any other camera out there. Nikon pays attention to small details like this, and it’s pretty awesome.

The trip started with a snowstorm, so yeah… it was kind of strange since the day before it was almost 70 degrees.

No, I’m not stretching the Z8 here at all. The Z8 is supposed to be a speed camera and the ultimate hybrid… but on this trip I mostly shot still subjects like this freaking awesome old church:

Most of the work I do with Kurt Johnson involves finding nature and landscape photography. Photos of cemeteries are generally not on the menu, but this truly historic one was too cool not to spend some time photographing.

Throughout the day we found a few other places. An old church. Abandoned mines, and more.

On our first night out, the Z8 was a constant companion in my hand. The 24-120mm f/4 is wildly versatile. It allows me to capture the storm we found in Illinois with a wide perspective at 24mm like this shot:

But also get in very close to the detail of the grass after the storm:

The lens is well made, light, and it surprised me with its performance throughout the trip.

If there was a moment that tested my Z8, this was it. I had the 400m f/4.5 with me, and while at a pond a duck decided to book it past me. I swung my camera around and got a decent one-shot of the duck in flight:

It’s not perfect, but for not knowing my camera yet and for this being such a quick moment, I still like it.

Here are a few more ducks with the 400mm:

We kept seeing these white budding trees, and found an opportunity at a gas station parking lot:

I found a composition that deserved a few stitched shots of 12 and 20 images respectively:

We ended up finding some more nature as we neared Atlanta:

Finally we visited the Smoky Mountains for a few minutes and captured some beauty there:

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  1. Thomas C

    Beautiful images.
    After now using both, which do you li,e better, the Z8 or Zf?


      Thomas! The Zf is way more practical for fun shooting or abandoned/industrial stuff – and the Z8 is an unbelievable professional workhorse. If I had to choose only one, it’d be the Z8… but that’s because the Z8 could probably be a lifetime camera. It does so much, including video, at a very high level. Will successors be better? Sure! But that’s always going to be true.

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