I’ve talked with some designers who have taken on large-scale projects and been disappointed with the resulting images when they are put on a wall. The main reason for their disappointment?


Most photographers are not shooting with high resolution cameras, and often they have no knowledge of how much of an impact resolution means to image quality when printing photographs extra-large on the wall.

This project, where I worked with artist and photographer Kurt Johnson, demanded a lot out of the photographs. The entire project called for wall-sized imagery, where Kurt and I worked together using high resolution cameras and Photoshop manipulations.

The imagery looks impeccable, even with a viewing distance of just a feet or two from the wall. 
This project is why I have created a catalog of my highest-resolution images. Each one can be printed at extra-large sizes and still retain vibrancy, clarity and sharpness. 
Check out that portfolio here, and reach out if you are interested in talking about your latest project with high-resolution needs!