I love telling stories, which is one of the reasons I enjoy using the Fuji X100v.

The 35 mm full-frame focal length has long been a favorite of mine, and whether I was telling wedding stories or the story of families, I’ve been using the focal length for decades.

Now, with the x100v, I can not only tell the story of the Nebraska landscape that I love through wide-angle shots, I also enjoy the ability to get close and tell smaller, more intimate stories of the land, nature, and objects that I find as I go on my adventures. This adds a lot of versatility to the camera.

The camera focuses fast and accurately at close focus, and the image quality is very high – something some of the older X100 models did not do a great job of at close focus distances.

If you are looking for examples of the camera’s close-focus ability, here are some examples for you to check out: