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Fujifilm X100v or X-E4 with 27mm?

For me, I buy cameras and lenses with a purpose in mind. The X-T4 is my professional camera when I’m doing a paid job. The X-Pro 3 is my professional backup and part-time fun camera, and the Fuji X100v is my fun camera that just so happens to allow me to get amazing prints for my print shop.

BUT… when I saw a good deal on the X-E4 and 27mm kit, and I thought about the small size with the 27mm, added with the ability to change lenses, I thought it might be able to replace my x100v, no matter how much I love that little thing. So- I bought the X-E4 with 27mm kit.

I took the X-E4 with the 27mm out shooting the back roads of Nebraska, through a cemetery, and more to see if it could be my “adventure” camera.

Here are the photos I took with the X-E4 and 27mm. Check them out before finding out what I thought and what I decided to keep after the photo examples!

These are pretty cool! I was able to shoot in my style and had a lot of fun doing it! The camera is fast and responsive, but during the day I did notice a few things:

1 – The built in ND filter of the x100v is something I use more than I thought.

2 – Why fuji took the focus mode switch off the front on the X-e4 is just crazy to me. I use that all the time with all my Fuji cameras, and I missed it. I know you can assign that to a custom button, but that leads me to my next gripe:

3 – I wish it had 2, maybe 3 more customizable buttons. I was able to program some settings in, but I was still wishing I could customize the X-e4 Just a TOUCH more.

However, the fantastic image quality is here. Fuji’s colors are here. The ability to switch lenses is fantastic. Overall, for the price, I love the X-E4.

Now, to pick one over the other?

For me, without a doubt, it would be the Fuji X100v – but only because it would fill a spot for me. It needs to be the camera I can quickly grab and feel totally confident with, but with the lack of buttons and limited customization, at the end of the day I would choose the X100v almost every time to go with me on fun photo trips.

Here’s where I get lucky, however! My wife ended up loving the X-e4 and sold her Sony gear, allowing the Fujifilm X-E4 to stay home with us. I know! I’m pretty lucky!