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Fujifilm X-T5 Grips: Fuji Official Vs. SmallRig

If you’re like me and you love the look and function of the X-T5, but the camera’s grip hasn’t felt very comfortable for you, then a grip might be a good option for you.

Since Fuji opted to skip on giving us a battery grip (which, Fujifilm, WHAT were you thinking?) – we’re left with the official Fujifilm grip, the MHG-XT5, and other aftermarket options.

This video compares that $130 grip with another option from SmallRig, which comes in at only $40.

Side-by-side, these grips look remarkably similar, but the Fuji branded grip is a little heavier. The SmallRig is almost 80 grams, while the Fuji grip is 130. If you’re going for the ultimate lightness, the SmallRig wins here.

Installation is easy with both of them, but the Fuji needs a screwdriver. You can use a screwdriver on the SmallRig, or use the handle to attach the grip.

I don’t like the way SmallRig works with the handle though. When not in use, the handle sometimes just hangs down, which is pretty annoying.

Once they are on the body, they feel very similar, but the SmallRig, even though it’s lighter, has a larger form factor.

The sides of the larger SmallRig also are a little bendy, and I wonder how much wear and tear the SmallRig will take before these side areas become a little loose on the camera, if at all.

The feel of the rubber is distinctly different as well. The SmallRig feels a lot stickier and softer, while the Fuji grip feels more solid. The SmallRig has already collected more dirt and dust particles as well.

How good this feels in the hand is always subjective, but I’ll say that since the X-T5 grip is already a little bigger and deeper than what we’ve seen from som Fuji in the past, the SmallRig grip is just a touch too big for me, and seems to take over the entire grip, while the Fuji grip compliments what’s already on the X-T5

Over extended use I definitely forgot about the Fuji grip, and it just felt like an extension of the camera, while the SmallRig always felt a little off to me.

Both cameras are formed with an Arca compatible quick release plate with Arca-Swiss-style tripod mounts.

I think a lot of people will be happy with the SmallRig, especially since the Fuji grip costs more than three times the SmallRig. However, I can definitely tell the difference in these two, and the quality, form factor and feel is worth the extra money for me, especially for long periods of time.

To purchase the Fujifilm MHG-XT5 grip, follow this link: (This is an affiliate link, so I receive a small commission and you still pay the same. It’s a great way to support what I do here.)

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