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Fujifilm X-T5 and XH2 Jpeg Recipe “Memphis”

No, not THAT Memphis.

This recipe is actually named after Memphis, Nebraska, a small town of 110 people. It’s a charming little town with one bar, a church that may or not be in operation, and a REALLY cool old truck and an amazing blue bus in the middle of town.

I love this spot, as it’s fun to play with the composition between the truck and the blue bus.

For this recipe, it’s all about saturation. I love the vividness of the colors here.

Just make sure to add a little bit of light to the photos as the recipe seems to darken everything.


  • Sensor: X-Trans 5 (XH2, X-T5)
  • Film Simulation: Nostalgic Neg.
  • Grain Effect: Weak
  • Grain Size: Small
  • Color Chrome Effect: Weak
  • Color Chrome FX Blue: Weak
  • White Balance: daylight
  • WB Shift: R:4 B: -2
  • Highlight Tone: +2
  • Shadow Tone: +2
  • Color: +2

Check out a selection of images from my time in Memphis on this day using this recipe:

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