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Fujifilm Classic Negative Portrait Shoot

I also shot all of these on the Classic Negative film simulation to get a consistent look out of the portraits, and I wanted to share my process.

First, we shot a lot of these in the full evening sun. The girls wanted a bright and contrasty look with some harsh shadows, so that’s what we did!

Knowing this, I underexposed just a bit to protect the highlights, and I shot in RAW to be able to bring back any detail I might want in editing.

And in editing, as you can see, the files were a little too dark and contrasty, but it was an easy fix, as I literally just boosted the exposure a bit in Lightroom, synced the images – and called it a day.

Boosting my exposure was my single edit on almost all of these images.

I love the way the classic negative simulation works here in the bright sun, and when you look at the images as a whole, you can see that they have a distinct look to them from the Classic Negative simulation.

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