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Fuji X100v “Color Negative 400” Film Recipe Bike Ride

The Fujifilm X100v is the ultimate bike ride photographic companion. Small, light, and extremely capable, THIS is the camera to take with you wherever you go.

On this day, I rode my bike through some roads in Nebraska looking for roadside beauty. Using the “Color Neg 400” film recipe from Fuji X Weekly created some strong, contrasty images that were pretty cool! All examples below are from this recipe using Jpegs from the camera.

Find the recipe here: ttps://

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  1. Jbradfordphoto

    Great photos! I really dig the deep blacks in these. Gotta love playing with those Fuji recipes, too! So much fun.


      Thanks, my man! Really… one of the reasons I stay with Fuji is the ability to do this!

  2. Vitt

    For me, one of the most attractive simulations ever created. I can’t get away from him. :) Kind regards! and I appreciate your work! Forever Fujifilm! :)

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