1.  Check your inventory BEFORE seniors leave!  Seriously - once they are gone, they are gone.  Any tripods in their trunks?  Gone forever.  Any camera bags in their closet?  Gone forever.  Make sure to go through anything and everything to make sure your equipment is back and safe in the right spot. 
2.  Remove all the batteries!  Go through every camera and audio recorder, etc., and set them aside.  You wouldn't want any to corrupt over the summer and ruin any equipment.  
3.  Update Firmware.  Almost everything gets updated, and now is a good time to check your equipment to see if any newfangled features were introduced.  For every item in your inventory, just Google "Canon 70D Firmware" or whatever it is you have to check.  You'll likely be taken to the manufacturer's website that tells you how to check your firmware version and also how to update.  You'd be surprised at how many updates are out there.  Some cameras get entirely new autofocus systems and much more!
4.  ORGANIZE!  Why not?  The yearbook's done (hopefully), your kids are ready for the summer, and you've been wanting to organize all year, right?  Or don't.  I won't.  
5.  CLEAN your equipment!  This is something I do with the students - I go through each piece with them and show them how to use the air blower to get rid of dust on the outside of the camera (never use compressed air), then I show them how to check the lenses and sensors for dust.  
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