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Easy Home Studio Set-Up for Macro Photography

Creating a home studio for macro photography was far easier than I imagined!

Recently I’ve been noticing the sun setting earlier and earlier, meaning summer is coming to a close. I wanted to build a home studio in order to get ready for the fall and winter and give myself some creative opportunities at home.

First, you need a desk. Almost any desk will do, as long as you have enough room to put at least one light to the side and a 30×40″ mat board as your backdrop.

Use clamps to keep your mat board on the desk, curve it upward and find a way to support it from the back (you can use a wall if you need to).

From there, all you need is at least one light. A video light or strobe will do fine.

Here, I used the Godox 60w video light. It’s not super powerful, but for a studio in which you are using a tripod, it works really well and it’s relatively cheap. I used a cheap Godox softbox to diffuse the light, and that’s about all you absolutely need for the main light.

Next, you should choose a tripod that works for you (and I highly recommend a tripod!) to support your camera for your longer exposure photographs.

Now… you just need some flowers and you’ve got yourself a basic home studio! Check out the video below for an explanation of my process and settings, and below that are some photographs from my very first session indoors.

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