What’s In My Bag?

These are the things that make me happy. The reason I photograph anything – portraits – landscapes – weddings – you name it… is because it’s fun. I’ve used a ton of equipment in my time, and I feel like this set of equipment is the best I’ve ever had because it gives AMAZING results and I have the most fun photographing with it!


Main Cameras

The Fuji X-E4 is the newest, smallest and lightest addition to my camera bag! This thing goes everywhere with me.
The Fuji X-Pro3 is probably my most-used camera. It's small, fairly light, and built like a tank. It's also just fun to shoot with.
The Fuji X-T4 is a legend. If I need a video/stills hybrid, this is one of the best on the planet in 2021.

Main Lenses

The 23mm, 35mm and 50mm Fuji F/2 lenses are small, light, quick to focus, and are some of my favorites!
The Fuji 35mm f/1.4 is one of Fuji's stunning lenses. Small, light, but incredibly fast with image quality that rivals anything on the market.

Other Stuff