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Another Free Lightroom Preset for You

I’ll admit that I use a lot of presets in my work. I love them!

BUT – I make them (mostly) all myself. It’s tons of fun to dial the settings in and get something cool, and then apply them to other photographs.

This Lightroom action was made recently to compliment some of my rural dirt roads photos, and one of my YouTube friends reached out and asked how I processed a certain photograph. (You can find the video he is talking about here.)

Since I never know what to name my photos, I named this action “Eddie’s Action.”

Here is the photo he is talking about:

It’s a cool look!

Let’s check out this Lightroom Preset with a few more photographs:

Before the preset and straight out of camera:

And… After:


Let’s do one more. Before and straight out of the camera:

And after:

Again… pretty cool!

If you like it, then you can download it and use it to your heart’s content: