You are currently viewing “Photography is my Church” – A conversation with Joshua Redwine Photography

“Photography is my Church” – A conversation with Joshua Redwine Photography

“Photography is my Church” is what is going to stand out from my conversation with Joshua Redwine.  I think I might steal that from him when I describe photography to others.  Thanks, Joshua!In this talk we touch one some fantastic topics including the struggles of artists in the time of Covid-19, his change of careers from engineer to photographer, some insight into his mindset when photographing, why community and kindness matters, and he gives us some great stories from the road.  It was an amazing and fulfilling conversation.  

His website:


From his bio: Redwine is a former Engineer, turned photographer.Realizing that engineering wasn’t a fulfilling career, Redwine set out on a new path to capture nature at it’s most remarkable.  Inspired by greats such as Ansel Adams, Gordon Parks and Edward Weston, Redwine captures the very essence and emotion that landscapes inspire in all of us.Redwine’s art uses a blend of colors, movement and textures to create a seemless masterpiece that many find to speak to their very soul.

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