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An Interview With Photographer Randy Edwards

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From Randy’s Website:

I’m a photographer & videographer with a wide range of shooting experience. I began my career in 2012 photographing weddings, studio portraits, senior photos, and events.

In addition to photography, I’m a musician, which led me to having a camera on me at shows. I quickly fell in love with shooting concerts and the intense moments that go along with it. I spent the better part of 2015 through 2020 on the road as a visual artist for rock and metal bands.

This job often entails capturing moments of the whole day, the long travel hours, loading in gear, everything leading up to the big event. I like to carry this same attention to detail with weddings and other events, giving a candid view and capturing the best moments at the right times to encapsulate a memory for a lifetime.

I love being behind the camera and working to create whatever visuals you have in your head, and help bring them to life!